About us

CyprusOliveOil is a collaborative platform created to promote and showcase the rich variety of olive oil products from Cyprus. Our mission is to support local producers in Cyprus by providing them with a dedicated space to present their offerings to the world. The activity was initiated and partially funded by the EU ENI CBCMED ARTOLIO Project, which aims to foster cooperation and economic development in the Mediterranean region.

We’re here to make a difference

Our passion for promoting the cultural heritage and exceptional quality of Cypriot olive oil drives everything we do. Through our collaborative platform, we invite you to embark on a journey that celebrates the centuries-old tradition of olive oil production in Cyprus.

Our Vision

Supported by the EU ENI CBCMED ARTOLIO Project, our initiative is more than just a platform; it’s a testament to the power of partnership and community. By offering a dedicated space for local producers in Cyprus, we aim to not only share their remarkable offerings with the world but also to contribute to the growth of their businesses and the vitality of the region.

As you explore our platform, you’ll discover a diverse array of olive oil products, each with a story to tell and a flavor to savor. From the sun-kissed groves of Cyprus to your table, every drop of olive oil embodies the dedication and expertise of our local producers.

Our Vision

Our Producers

Meet our dedicated community of local producers and explore the timeless tradition of Cypriot olive oil.

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