Nurturing Nature's Gift, Crafting Cypriot Excellence.

Masterful Producers of Cypriot Liquid Gold

Unveiling the Artisans Behind CyprusOliveOil.

Embark on a remarkable journey of discovery as we introduce you to the visionary artisans who pour their heart, soul, and expertise into every precious drop of Cypriot olive oil.

These dedicated producers, nurtured by the sun-drenched landscapes of Cyprus, are the unsung heroes behind the captivating flavors that grace your table. With generations of wisdom and a passion for perfection, they craft liquid gold that not only tantalizes your taste buds but also preserves a rich cultural heritage. Join us in celebrating the unwavering commitment and artistry of these masterful producers, whose labor of love elevates CyprusOliveOil to new heights of excellence.

Masterful Producers of Cypriot Liquid Gold

Our Producers

Experience the essence of Cyprus through our exceptional extra virgin olive oil producers.
Demetris Taliotis
ἀπαρθενάσα (Demetris Taliotis)
Diogenis Demetriou
Elaiones 'Stagona' (Diogenis Demetriou)
P.M. Matsoukas Ltd
P.M. Matsoukas (Panikos Matsoukas)
Charis Christoforou
To Pervoli tou Theodorou (Charis Christoforou)
Sotiris Pelekanos
Sotiris Pelekanos
Christos Spirou
Trifillaris Olive Groves and Mill (Christos Spyrou)
Marios Athanasiou
Metafix (Marios Athanasiou)
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