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The Department of Agriculture of Cyprus is involved in the ARTOLIO project and acts as the local NOReKC in Cyprus. Through specific procedures, olive oil producers and millers have been selected to participate in the project, and are provided with financial, technical and advisory assistance, in order to improve their holdings, increase yields and the quality of their product, as well as to cope in the field of promotion, marketing and sales.

ARTOLIO is funded by ENI CBC MED

Funded by EU

Explore the Golden Heritage of Cyprus Olive Oil

Explore the Golden Heritage of Cyprus Olive Oil

Embark on a Flavorful Journey Rooted in Tradition and Terroir.

Welcome to CyprusOliveOil – the digital gateway to a world of centuries-old tradition and exquisite tastes. Nestled within the Mediterranean’s embrace, Cyprus has as a treasure the heritage of producing high quality olive oil. This platform is a tribune to this eternal heritage, presenting the profile and products of the experienced traditional olive oil producers here in Cyprus, as well as the story of each of them, which is hidden behind the exceptional quality and flavors presented. Here you can explore our selected collection of Cypriot Extra Virgin Olive Oils and come into direct contact with the producers, while also playing an important role in strengthening local economies and preserving a respected heritage. Get the experience that harmonizes tradition with modern times and travel from the olive grove to your table. Enter a world where every taste is reminiscent  of the Cypriot landscape and every drop tells a story of dedication, honor and unrivaled quality. Welcome to CyprusOliveOil, where the past, present and future of Cypriot olive oil meet in harmonious abundance.  

What is ARTOLIO ?

Mediterranean small extra virgin olive oil (EVOO) farmers suffer from similar problems: they own small plots of land and use traditional rain-fed farming, while relying on family manpower. Given globalization challenges, the olive sector of MSMEs is unprofitable and many olive orchards are abandoned or untended, resulting in unemployment within marginalized communities. To face these challenges, ARTOLIO  aims at establishing, in each participating region, a Native Olive Regional Knowledge Center (NOReKC) which will provide up-to-date training on how an artisanal EVOO should be produced in order to remain competitive; and, at defining a networking management model for artisanal EVOO through a Pan-Mediterranean Platform comprising all NOReKC, which will assist MSMEs across the Mediterranean region in marketing, sales, finance, policy and legislation, at national level and in entering new global markets. The project will result in higher olive yield and oil quality as well as improved profitability through connecting individual farmers into a global network of resilient MSMEs able to create jobs at mid-long term and manage businesses.

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Full title:

Profitable and Sustainable artisanal olive oil industry in the Mediterranean

Thematic objective:

A.1 Business and SMEs development


A.1.2 Euro-Mediterranean economic clusters


Israel, Palestine, Greece, Cyprus, Spain (8 partners)

Total budget

€2.9 million

EU contribution

€2.6 million

Project co-financing


Our Producers

Step into the world of our devoted local producers, where the essence of Cypriot olive oil’s heritage comes to life.

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Discover our premium selection of Cypriot olive oils, curated for unmatched taste that captures Cyprus's natural essence.

Embrace Tradition: Cyprus's Olive Oil Legacy

Experience Cyprus's rich olive oil heritage, supporting sustainability and local communities with each purchase.

Artisanal Stories: Cyprus's Olive Oil Craftsmanship

Meet dedicated producers and artisans, explore their stories, and savor the tradition in every drop.

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