To Pervoli tou Theodorou Ltd

To Pervoli tou Theodorou (Charis Christoforou)

Maroni, Larnaca, Cyprus

Who we are

My name is Charis Christoforou, I am Mechanical Engineer and an organic farmer. I am more focus on olive trees and herbs. Since 2015 I am managing family agriculture land.

We are producing our own olive oil from tree different agriculture lands, that are locating in Maroni. At the moment we are producing three different qualities of olive oil, the organic extra virgin olive oil, the organic early harvest extra virgin olive oil and the organic green olives extra virgin olive oil. All qualities are cold press and the packing it taken place from our location.

Charis Christoforou
Charis Christoforou

We have a passion for Extra Virgin Olive Oil

We love extra virgin olive oil. We thrive to improve our product every year. We hate chemicals, like you do. Our production process uses only mechanical equipment, no chemicals, no fertilizers. Our extra virgin olive oil comes to you, as nature gave it to us.


Our lands are located in Maroni 1.4 and 1.9 km distance from the sea. The soil is white, rocky and calcareous. Climate characteristics with prolonged hot summers and mild winters with little rainfall.

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Our Awards

Our Products

Our products are carefully hand picked and packed. Some of our products are, green and black olive oils , premium extra virgin olive oil and dried herbs.

We improve our products every year. We always seek to get better and improve the quality of our products. Our love for nature’s best can be seen in our products.

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