Focus on Quality Yields Success for Producers in France

Producers from France combined to earn four Gold and seven Silver Awards at the 2023 NYIOOC World Olive Oil Competition.

Local producers have increasingly been recognized for their extra virgin olive oils at the world’s largest olive oil contest. This year’s competition attracted its second-highest number of entrants from the Mediterranean country. For the second year running, French producers won 11 awards.

Before harvesting last year, producers predicted their results would be significantly lower than the previous year’s.

Many blamed the impacts of drought, with the summer of 2022 being France’s driest of the last five centuries, bringing extended heatwaves, a lack of rainfall and a sharp production drop as anticipated.

“For the French olive sector, obtaining awards at international competitions is a source of pride,” said Alexandra Paris, the director of communications for France Olive, France’s interprofessional association of its olive sector.

“It is recognition not only for the work of these producers but also for the work carried out by the entire sector for 30 years,” she added.

Paris said winning awards at the NYIOOC rewards decisions such as prioritizing traditional cultivars, following Protected Designation of Origin certification guidelines and implementing a stringent quality policy at a very early stage.

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