New Generation in Ancient Olympia Introduces Award-Winning Products to The World

“Our family has been in the agritourism business since 2008,” Karabelas said. “Our parents Dimitris and Franca envisioned offering the visitors to the nearby Olympia archaeological site a taste of locally made products, including wine, homemade marmalade and olive oil.”

“They were successful from the outset, with their small establishment teeming with thousands of tourists each year,” he added.

The two brothers employed the family wisdom and experience in cultivating olive trees and olive oil production from the previous four generations. They also attended seminars on olive oil tasting and mastered the modern techniques of olive oil production.

Being quick on the uptake, they quickly acquired the necessary knowledge to carefully plan their steps into the olive oil business.

“The first thing to do was to turn the family olive groves organic,” Karabelas said. “We also designed and built our state-of-the-art olive oil mill completely from scratch.”

AMG Karabelas was born in 2020, amid the Covid-19 pandemic, aiming to introduce people worldwide to high-quality extra virgin olive oil from the fruitful land of Ancient Olympia.

“We wanted to make our olive oil available everywhere in the world,” Karabelas added. “The pandemic had a catalytic effect on us since we closed down for a whole year, and we were able to organize better and execute our plan. On the other hand, it was very hard to come by construction workers and building materials due to the restrictions imposed.”

Complemented by Magna Grecia, the Karabelas brothers’ oleotourism business, AMG Karabelas boasts a variety of activities available to those looking to indulge in a journey in the world of olive oil.

“We offer our guests a first-hand experience of how olive oil is produced through guided tours,” Karabelas said. “They can visit our mill and attend a video simulation on how olive harvesting is done. But if they visit us during harvest, they can experience the real thing. And, of course, no tour is completed without tasting our olive oils.”.

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